1. I get way too sensitive when I get attached to someone. I can detect the slightest change in the tone of their voice, and suddenly I’m spending all day trying to figure out what I did wrong.
    – Humans of New York - Amman, Jordan (via 5000letters)

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  2. When I’m hurt, I shut down. I turn into a total sarcastic bitch. I shut off my emotions, and act indifferent towards everything even though it might be killing me inside.

    And I’m sorry (via fl0wershower)

    Not exactly but close

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  4. etherato:

dont delete this or change the source please


    dont delete this or change the source please

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  6. handjob:

    when your game freezes and you haven’t saved in a while


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  7. byvalour:

    “I’d rather cuddles than sex”


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    Petition to make Joe from princess diaries the new anonymous icon


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  9. shinymaplesquid:


    I just got a wrong number text from a stranger that said: “hey can we use ur pool there’s a moose in ours”


    I’ve never received such a funny text in my life I can’t breathe

    I told them “yes if you send a pic” & they sent me tHIS


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  10. save-the-cheerleader:

    in study period today a guy sitting next to me was reading mockingjay and he kinda just whispered what the fuck to himself

    and then again, a lil more angrily, what the fUCK

    And he flicked back about seven or so pages and then went back to his spot and went ‘no’

    and I know exactly which fuckin part he was reading lemme tell u

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  14. what episode are you on
    – ancient proverb (via shopgrrrl)

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    can we please destroy this idea that a person has to talk to you every minute of every day to like you

    texting all day is not natural

    force communication all hours of the day is not natural

    All of you, Get a hobby that is not another person. Its vital.

    this makes me feel so much better

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